Hi! I’m Johanna. (It’s pronounced like the name Hannah…just put a Jo in front.) You can also call me Jo, for short.

I’m glad you’re here.

There are so many things I want to tell you. Let me start with these two…

You are allowed to be a work in progress and you are not alone.

I spent years of my life striving to know all the answers and keep everyone happy. I was afraid to try anything new because I might make a mistake.

I watched people for cues about who they expected me to be, afraid they might realize I wasn’t good enough.

I shoved down my emotions because I didn’t think I had a right to feel them.

I chased after achievements in an attempt to prove my worth and then wondered why I didn’t find them satisfying.

I hid my opinions, needs, feelings, and dreams because I might be rejected if I let myself be seen.

I didn’t let anyone see that I was lonely, hurting, and afraid because I thought I was the only one facing those struggles.

I still do these things sometimes because…well, I’m still human. But I no longer feel so stuck and alone.

You know what made the biggest difference?

I found other people who not only admitted their struggles, but also shared what was helping. I found people who didn’t tell me who I needed to be but invited me to walk together.

I’d love to do the same for you. You don’t have to keep changing yourself to please other people. We can work together to help you uncover, value, and express the richness of who you are.

Every couple weeks I send a note to readers including recent blog posts, questions to further conversation, links I’ve learned from lately, and, every so often, a little something extra. Sign up here and I’ll also send you a set of guides to help you know yourself better, assess where you are and where you want to go, and support yourself through times of stuckness.

And just in case you were wondering…

  • I live in Wisconsin with my husband and our playful Boston terrier, Pixel.
  • And, yes, I think cheese is delicious.
  • I’m a Myers-Briggs INFJ, HSP, a 4 on the Enneagram (I think?), and the eldest of four sisters.
  • I love to read!
  • I enjoy making things with my hands and sew a lot of my own clothes.
  • My favorite color is turquoise.
  • Tennis is my favorite sport to play. Hockey is my favorite sport to watch.
  • I prefer savory to sweet…and will almost always choose spicy if it’s an option.

Thanks for being here.