Grow Your Confidence


I used to think that I was just not capable of being a confident person. Confidence was for other people…better people. Confidence was for people who always knew what they were doing and never felt awkward or uncertain.

My confidence has grown a lot in the past few years and that’s not because I suddenly have it all together. (Still human over here.)

But I am building my trust that I can figure things out and that I’ll be there for myself no matter what. I feel different and others have commented on the change they see in me.

I no longer believe that confidence is something we either have or we don’t. I no longer see it as something we can attain by being better or doing more.

Instead, we can grow our level of confidence wherever we are in the process….even in the midst of set-backs, uncertainty, and fear.

I’m excited to share what is helping me grow my confidence. I’m hosting a free workshop on Wednesday, October 21, 2020 at 1pm CDT.

We’ll explore your relationship with confidence, uncover common things we do to undermine our confidence, and identify ways to practice confidence in your day-to-day life (even if you don’t have it all together).

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