The Way We Long to Be


I hadn’t read much poetry for a while and then I picked up Red Bird by Mary Oliver from the library on a whim. I’ve been slowly savoring all the poems, but the one I keep coming back to again and again is on the second page. Take a second to go read Luke .

I don’t fully understand what about this poem draws me. I’ll share a few thoughts, but I think this one will stick with me for a while.

Partly I just love the image of a dog enjoying a field of flowers. Pixel seems to think nature is an all you can eat salad bar. I have to keep her from chomping the neighborhood tulips when we go for a walk.

But more than that I think this poem calls out the tension between how I want to approach the world and how I actually do.

I want to approach the world with love, curiosity, and wonder. I want to look for possibilities and potential and appreciate the value of what is here.

All too often I get caught up in scarcity and imperfections instead. I’m not suggesting we ignore reality and hide behind rose-tinted glasses, but we tend to see what we’re expecting to find.

Am I looking for something to love or one more thing to criticize or fear?

I’d love to hear…what comes to mind when you read this poem? If you read poetry, who are some of your favorites? Where else do you find sources for reflection? What are you adoring today?